Water Damage from Broken Pipes & Appliances

When a pipe breaks or appliance leaks – the damage can be shocking and devastating. Frozen pipes, washing machines and water heaters are some of the top causes of residential water damage.

Frozen Pipes

Up to 250,000 houses a year suffer the results of frozen pipes, accounting for up to 20% of insurance claims annually. Water damage to homes interrupts lives every winter as water floods into the home when a frozen pipe has burst. You can imagine in excess of 200 gallons of water daily rushing into the home, seriously damaging the building’s structure and contents. This can be especially devastating if you were away on vacation when the emergency occurred.

Washing Machine Leaking Water Damage

Washing Machines

Washing machines are an important appliance in your home, but they can often become a source of water damage. A broken hose on a washing machine can leak up to 600 gallons of water per hour! Whether long term use or poor initial quality, the water supply hose is responsible for over half of washing machine water damage accidents.

Water Heaters

With a life-expectancy of only about a decade, water heaters can corrode unnoticed in your closet or basement. Water heaters are a common appliance in today’s home. Water heaters cause massive amounts of water damage when they leak. Even when homeowners keep a watchful eye for obvious signs of damage and continually maintain the appliance, corrosion on the inside of the unit can cause a leak that goes undetected until water damage has occurred.

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